About Dog Fish Studio

Elize Winby Wall started Dog Fish Studio as a means to showcase and promote her art.  

The studio embraces the re-use and re-purposing of unique materials and found objects collected over 30 years of travel and treasure hunting.  Industrial cross use of vintage components and new technologies create surprisingly traditional pieces with a current trend-setting look.

"I love to root through treasures I've collected and see new ways to use and enjoy them. Re-use and re-purposing is the highest form of art, in my opinion, because the end result is more than just a sum of it's parts. The resulting value includes patina from the past and memories of what went before. Best is when it causes people to see things differently and causes them to love what you love, for the sake of loving it."

The studio is located in Santa Clara, California.

Elize can be reached at:   Phone (408) 666-2399    Email: elize@jolize.com

Let Dog Fish delight you! 


Frequently asked questions:

Do I sell Wholesale?  A:  Yes.  If you are a gallery or shop purchasing for resale please provide me with a hardcopy  of your resale certificate. 

► Where did the name Dog Fish come from?   A: I love dogs, especially my own.  My two sons who I love even more are both Pisces.  Dog Fish sounded better than Fish Dog.