Semi-precious and Silver Necklaces




Treasure necklaces are an abundant balance of delicate collectables that tell a story. Tell me your story and I'll weave one for you using meaningful bits and pieces. Maybe you have a few treasures you'd like to be incorporated.

Prices vary based on components.


Fresh Water Pearls with Hill Tribe Silver accents.











Swarkovski Crystal pearls with Fresh Water Pearl accents.                                











A mix of Fresh Water Pearls, Swokovski Crystal pearls and vintage glass with silver accents.  Hand tied with silk.


Turquoise and Fresh Water Pearls.










Carved jade pieces married to fresh water pearls and silver with flat peyote seed beads.



Lampwork Glass beads with silver clasp worn in front.

Carved Jade with Lampwork glass beads and Fresh Water pearls.

Solid silver with pearls, garnets, peridots and jade are a timeless and classic statement.


This beautiful hunk of carved jade has been paired with turquoise and coral disks from Israel. (sold)


An unusual African medallion of hammered silver and carnelian hanging from leather with silver finials. $300


 Thai Hill Tribe silver, heishi-cut coral, jade, and vintage glass beads. (sold)


This special piece started out as a slice of polished geode, a soft piece of leather, and a generous handful of beads. The peyote-stitched seed beads hold the geode tightly against the leather.  Not for sale.


Turquoise and amber hand knotted on multi-strand silk thread with silver clasp.


A tarnished silver cross and hammered silver medallion of unknown origin strung with vintage glass and Indian silver beads.