The Music Studio

Elize's solo CD titled "Flying the Coup" was released in August 2010.  


The band Line-up:

Elize Winby Wall - All Vocals. Guitar
Scotty Smith - Drums, guitar and Bass
Richard Howell - Sax on "It's a Real Treat"
Kyle Bowers - Guitar on "Sugar Mama"
Don Bosco - Keyboards on "It's a Real Treat"
Terry Barnes - guitar and vocals on "Going to the West"

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01 Wait and See.mp34.88 MB
02 Song for Dad.mp35.35 MB
03 Searching.mp34.4 MB
04 It's A real Treat.mp34.92 MB
05 Only Time Will Tell Me.mp35.37 MB
06 Everything.mp37.07 MB
07 Sugar Mama.mp35.04 MB
08 Going To The West.mp33.87 MB