Finders Keepers

I see majesty in simple things. And old things. And broken things. Sometimes things that aren't lovable by themselves become lovable when paired with each other.  Kind of like people.. Families of treasures get created this way.  

While living on a remote SE Alaskan island I found that garbage and thrift store items were all the inspiration I needed to create some interesting assembalages.


A Good use for Insulin Vials, wire, and metal hoops.



Dolls and Anchovy Cans and Altoid Tins











































 Cows outstanding in their field                          Pigs on the bank of the Suwannee River

Baroquen Eggs

Vintage jewelry makes a surprising comeback as Baroquen Eggs.  Each one hand made with remembrances of prom night, tramp steamers, and Russian vodka.